Laura Fox

BWFCL A League Secretary 


About myself:

I have been league Secretary for the BWFCL since Sep 2018. I’ve always had a passion for football coming from a football loving family (up the gas!) I played throughout my childhood and teenage years but then like many others stopped! I found the Misfits FC nearly 5 years ago and haven’t looked back! I absolutely love playing in this league and now helping organise it too- it’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun! It’s really amazing to watch the league continue to grow and bring women from all over Bristol together with our main thing in common- playing football!!


Soooooz Mallaghan

League Treasurer, Insurance Administrator, FA Affiliation


About myself:

After not playing football since I was 10 years old I joined the Easton Cowgirls at 30 and have never looked back. I’ve been playing in BWFCL since it started and joined the core committee after the first couple of seasons. It’s been truly amazing to see it grow from a couple of teams to where we are now. I’m very excited about the future of BWFCL.


Harry Hoare

Full time Guru!


About myself:

Currently I oversee all things making sure we have an up to date league table, fixture list, plater stats etc. I've been playing in the league since it was founded in 2012 but started helping out with some of the league organisation stuff in the Summer of 2013.

At the heart of our league is a core team of women footballers who just want to have a good time playing football and provide that opportunity for everyone. The passion of everyone involved has created an amazing community within the league and it's been a privilege watching it grow and being a part of it.




Clare Allen

League photographer


About myself:

I started watching football when I was a kid & I’ve loved it ever since. But unfortunately when I was at school, girls weren’t allowed to play football. 


Two years ago I decided to try out playing football & I joined the Bristols. Despite my total lack of playing experience & ability, I was warmly welcomed by the girls and made to feel part of the team. The Bristols has been a big part of my life for the past 2 years & I’ve made some great friends as a result. 

I love playing in the BWFCL. If I’m not playing, you’ll find me supporting from the sidelines, often taking photos for the league 😊


Sophie Duncombe

Website administrator/social media administrator


About myself:

I started being involved in football over the last 6 years joining BWFCL and playing for the Misfits who have become more like a family to me! I have over 3 years of coaching experience in girls football and my confidence grows year to year! Meeting a bunch of amazing women who are now friends for life!


Holly Longman

Social Sec


About myself:

I have always loved football and played in my younger years. After a prolonged gap I wanted to get back into playing and created the team ‘The Lilies’ to enter into the BWFCL last season.


After a successful year we are now growing and looking to put an additional team into the new season, showing the need and want for women’s football.

I have taken on the role of Social Secretary as part of the leagues core team, and my great enjoyment of having a beverage or two around different venues in Bristol will play a pivotal part in the leagues social gatherings!



Player Registration Administrator

About myself:

I started playing football at the age of 6 and played competitively until going to Uni. I then had a break from the sport, during which I started working, tried other sports and moved countries!


I started playing touch rugby and loved the social aspect of the sport, but missed playing football. I am part of Woodlands Church in Bristol and in 2018 they were looking to form a women’s team as part of the Woodlands Football Club.


We joined the casual league in 2019 and have since grown to two teams! I help manage the women’s side of the club and coach our development team. I was even given the opportunity to gain my Level 1 FA Coaching Qualification!

I love the opportunity that the BWFCL provides for women playing football and in 2021, I volunteered to join the core team to help with the new player registration system. I’m looking forward to continuing to see the league grow from strength to strength!



BWFCL FA representative

Richard is responsible for growing and retaining female players, and facilitating the movement of players, within Mini Soccer, Youth Football and Adult Football in Gloucestershire. Further responsibilities include growing and retaining the number of affiliated Disability Football teams by developing a modern and sustainable competition structure across Pan Disability Football. Richard is also a Mental Health Champion within the Gloucestershire FA.’
Please use the following email to contact me:


Zoe Gibbons

Co-founder of BWFCL who has recently hung her boot's up for 2020.


About myself:

I was well happy to stumble across the Easton Cowgirls football team jut after they formed 17 years ago! I had wanted to play girls football in my youth but there wasn't any teams to join.

However, yet again frustrated by the lack of suitable playing opportunities for women; myself and Julia Williams (Misfits FC) founded the BWFCL in 2012.

Now 8 years later the BWFCL has blossomed into a multi divisional league of female football teams run by a fantastic core group of players from various teams.

After 6 years of being the boss! I've taken a back seat so I can spend more time warmining up my old lady legs before a match! #still playing

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