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What are we

BFCL is a 7 a side friendly league - outdoors, on a 3G astroturf pitch. 


How it works….

There are three divisions two mixed ability and one development. Fixtures and divisions for each team will be decided ahead of time and supplied to team. You will play once per month against each team in your division.



Bristol Brunel Academy, Speedwell Rd, Bristol BS15 1NU



It is for players aged 18 - 80! Grassroots football – a chance for new, returning or casual level players to take part in matches. Affiliated to the FA, teams will have 3rd party insurance when training or play matches. Find a team to join here.


How often?

Approximately every 3 weeks on a Saturday.


How much?

We require a £95 registration fee per team for the whole year, and each fixture costs £35 per team.


Step 1 - How to register your team:

Every team will need to fully read and fill in a team entry form this should then be emailed directly to to be considered for the league.

Please ensure you have fully read the form and are happy with the rules that apply to our league before signing and sending this form back.


Once signed and sent back to us you are agreeing to adhere to these rules throughout the duration of the league. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to discuss these by emailing directly.


We will also require a £95 registration fee per team more information about what this cost covers can be found on the first page of the registration form.


Step 2 - How to register your players:

Each captain will automatically become a Player Registration Officer. It is the captains responsibility to make sure all of their players are registered through the FA Player Portal before they play their first game. All captains will be provided with sufficient training on how to use the FA Player Portal once they have successfully registered their team to the league.


Please be aware everyone that any player that takes part in a fixture for your team MUST be registered. If they are not they will not be able to take part due to insurance reasons and your team may be penalised.


For more info please contact

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